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Black History Month is a time to celebrate the contributions and achievements of Black people throughout history. It is a time to honor the leaders and trailblazers who have fought for equality and justice, and to recognize the important roles that Black people have played in shaping our society. However, as we look back on Black history, it is important to remember that not all Black individuals who have made significant contributions have received the recognition they deserve. In this blog post, I will highlight some of the lesser-known Black figures who have played important roles in shaping our world, but whose stories and accomplishments are not always widely known or celebrated.

In 2021, CNN published an interactive that delves into the stories of some of the lesser-known, yet important Black figures in history. The article highlights the achievements and contributions of these individuals, who despite not receiving the recognition they deserved during their lifetime, played a pivotal role in shaping our society. The article features profiles on a diverse group of individuals including Black inventors, activists, artists, and leaders who have made significant contributions to their respective fields. The interactive is a powerful reminder that Black history is not just limited to the well-known figures, but encompasses a wide range of individuals who have made important contributions to our world. The CNN article is an excellent resource for anyone looking to learn more about some of the lesser-known, yet important Black figures in history.


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