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Connecting in online spaces can be challenging. The nuance, the distance, the teaching and leadership. Let me assist you in your build your skills in efficiency and effectiveness in online spaces.

If there was ever a time to invest in your skills, now is the time. We are always stronger when real humanness is conveyed in online spaces. Schedule whatever professional development you have in mind today, and let’s see where it takes us. I am sure it will be somewhere great!

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2 weeks ago
Wishing everyone in my network and beyond a Happy Valentine's Day! You are valued and appreciated more than you know. Don't let the world make you feel otherwise.

All the Best!
2 weeks ago
Sounds like a plan. Looking forward to it if the zoomisphere permits!
2 weeks ago
@EWhitteck Right!? Yes, they fight like cats and dogs (as they should) and make you think they are not friends. For the longest you think: "Can't you just get a long???? And then one day it happens:) They want you to think they are not friends. But in actuality they are best-ees! courtney_plotts photo
2 weeks ago
@EWhitteck Ha! @ewhitteck World peace between cat and dog is on a break today here per my dog (Kona). She has found a refuge from Meowsy's (my cat's) "cattitude" today. She is 15 year old & over it today. πŸ˜€πŸΆπŸ˜Ή. Great research partner-always excited about my new ideas as you can tell πŸ™‚ courtney_plotts photo
2 weeks ago
@TLTatTWU @tihighered @bonni208 It sure can be. We just need to give faculty the tools and the framework to do it! Visit for more info. The CASEPS National Teaching Certification focuses on all this and more. Next Nat'l Certification Training and Train the Trainer @aumontgomery
2 weeks ago
Hi D,

Thank you for listening! I am so glad you enjoyed the discussion with @bonni208 . Just trying to make an impact in online learning practices.